Saturday, March 31, 2012

why are my weekends so good? yesterday after work i went to go run the basalt/snowmass trail that i like a lot and was super pumped and made a new mix and got to the trail head and realized my shoes weren't in my car like they had been the past two weeks. cool. so i talked to amy breth and she told me to run barefoot. cool. so i did and i felt super bad a and like i belonged in colorado being a hippie and was texting amy updates about how i scraped both my big toes and bled everywhere and how i was running on a dirt path and how i hoped i wouldnt die. i didn't. i laughed a lot. then i went and sat outside the library and watched the sunset and it was beautiful and i was dwelling among the Most High and called sarah thomas and made her cry and called chelsea to tell them of my beautiful life. came home to the boys dancing and laughing. soaked my feet, had some laughs. danced. got dressed and dressed the boys and we went to aspen. scored a sweet table at the brewery, met some chicks and enjoyed good music. went to little annies and enjoyed life some more and ate a lot of popcorn, went to a club and danced a lot, went to another club and danced and came home at 2 and fell asleep in my sleeping bag on the couch watching friends. went to bed at 5 and slept in my sleeping bag and slept till 9 when i heard justin and then laid in bed till 12 sleeping and talking to steph and watching friends which was so good for my soul. drove all over the mountain and smiled in the sunshine and enjoyed it. lived the mattress life on the porch with justin and had a heart to heart which was cool and nice and weird because i haven't had honest conversations here in a while. napped. justin and i drove to the top of the mountain that i had never been to before and listened to more than a feeling by boston and lived life and it was so good. napped more. george hooked up a hose and got me a bucket and i washed my car outside the office blasting sublime. showered and read in my hammock till the sun went down here and then drove to basalt to the library to catch the sun. listened to tallest man on earth and it was so good. walked to my river and enjoyed it a lot. walked past a liquor store that sold the only beer in the world i like so i walked back to my car and got my wallet and back to the store to buy sunshine beer. drove back to the spot justin and i went to today and watched the sky turn pink and shivered. came home and watched the new girl and drank sunshine and am content.

today justin asked me if i was stoked to leave. i said stoked to leave camp but not colorado and i think that's true. i really do like it here. i like the mountains and i like trail running and the basalt library stoop i watch the sun set on every night and i like going out and dancing and meeting people. i like living in this house. i like figuring life out for myself. i like finding freedom and feeling free. i like the simplicity of my life here. i like doing the dishes and blasting john butler with all the doors and windows open. i like seeing more stars than i've ever seen in my life every night. i like seeing god in small ways and having that bring me immeasurable peace. i like listening to the counting crows morning noon and night.

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