Wednesday, February 6, 2013

things i've learned this week

  • if he wants more of that he'll be coming back.
  • don't go into marriage with debt. you can wait. it's not all about sex.
  • god really does say yes to things but the yes may not mean right now yes. just wait.
  • grace gifts (spiritual gifts) are not the same things as talents. everyone has spiritual gifts, not everyone has the same talents or amount of talents. but still grace is the same. and we all get it. perfectly equal amounts of it. 
  • on your wedding day you can do what you want. you can invite who you want, you can do what you want. if it's not fun you are doing something wrong. 
  • somehow for some reason i am good at honesty. i don't know if everyone else just isn't good at it or i have too much of it but that's what people keep telling me i'm good at and they are grateful for. 
  • living life with a calm heart is not easy.
  • being single means you can get a call at 3pm on a friday afternoon at work and drive your favorite high school girls to windy gap and hang out there because chances are you weren't obligated to anything or anyone else.
  • the wrath for my sin was already satisfied. i am no longer being punished for things i do. 
  • i can do ministry. i can do ministry well. i am encouraging, honest, confide-worthy, trustworthy. my life as means of ministry works. 
  • if life isn't an adventure you probably are doing it wrong. 
  • i can run 9 miles without stopping. 
  • it's easy to spread yourself thin.
  • people that have held my heart in the past probably still want to hold my heart now if i let them.
  • i still know all the words to mambo no.5

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