Wednesday, March 28, 2012

today my friend stephanie hated colorado? i would of never known from your facebook or your tweets....

thanks god. thanks for giving me a heart of eucharisto. i don't know how she didn't know i hated it but i'm glad that wasn't the message i was conveying. i don't htink it was intentional to not complain about it, maybe it was. i wasn't trying to hide my disdain. i guess she didn't know i had this blog where i complained all the time haha.

i listen to a lot of counting crows. i think the song Round Here was written about me

Says she's close to understanding Jesus
She knows she's more that just a little misunderstood
She has trouble acting normal when she's nervous

it's funny thinking that i used to have to count the good days I had because I had so few. now I don't know the last time I had a bad day. hmmmm. oh yeah it was last tuesday when zachary yelled at me and my computer broke. zachary and i talked our problems out and i only spent 2/3rds of my paycheck fixing my computer. then spent the other 1/3 on my tattoo. which i am in love with. but it only itches when i'm in bed trying to sleep which is real not cool. but it doesn't hurt and i've been running and it doesn't hurt which is nice. i ran 5 miles on sunday (from my house to the highway downhill) and justin came and picked me up and we listened to Round Here. then 4 miles today on the Rio Grande trail that marques' roommate brett told me about. i'm learning how to be honest again so i've had some hard conversations this week but they have all resulted in laughs and love. it's true, sometimes really all you can do is laugh. 

i got accepted into CDH today. i will be moving back to BS in august for a year! so pumped. glad to finally know. glad the lord said it was good. i danced around my office to bone thugs and kid cudi and sublime. work is busy and i get praised a lot but don't really feel like i deserve the priase because i'm mostly pretty lazy and play draw something all day. 

i also met my soulmate. his name is dan. updates to come when i see him next tuesday again hahahaha 

kari is reading mocking jay, chelsie is on facebook, i'm on facebook and blogging and reading blogs. we've been in bed since 830 and the boys went to bed at 7. sometimes i'm grateful for this house. 

today i realized that i will miss the mountains. i will miss the trails i run on. i will miss sleeping with the windows open falling asleep to the sound of the river. i will miss making my bed every day because i'm bound to never do it again. i will miss coming home to messes that make us call this place home. i will miss the sunshine pouring in our room at 8 am every day waking us up. (forreal it is SO bright and beautiful and i praise/curse god every morning for it haha)

sometimes deaf people have really shitty english when they write because they write how they sign which is crazy sentence structure anyway and today chelsie wrote "it scared shitless out of me" and i amost fell out of my bed laughing. not in a mean way. 

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