Wednesday, February 8, 2012

nothing super new in my life. my intestines are jacked up real bad but that kinda happens in my life so it's whatever. living life on the toilet. this morning my mom told me to have a lot of gatorade and i didn't have any so i handed adam my keys and debit card and he ran to the gas station and got me two huge gatorades and brought one to my office. so nice. keenan called me to see how i was today.

maybe even last week i thought about how i was not loved here or known and just funny how things have progressed so fast. first i thought i didn't have any friends then everyone showed me time and time again that we are friends, then i thought i wasn't known, which is still hit or miss but i'll take what i got, and then i thought i wasn't loved but seeing adam jump off the couch at 8:30 this morning to serve me was the best. so grateful that the lord provides.

most days i: text mary, my sister, chelsea hearne, and chelsea bridges. i gchat with erica almost all day long. my roommates laugh about girlie things and ryan and mario roll their eyes. mario makes 1000 jokes a day about me dating keenan (which is weird--guess he has weird deaf gay dude intuition which i hope isn't true). i alternate lifting and running. i get stoked about going to boiling springs in april. i get sad that the boys are moving out in april. i drink 1000 gallons of water because my mouth is so dry. i wish i was doing something off the mountain. i read. i am on facebook way too much. i listen to john butler trio. i watch gossip girl. wake up repeat.

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